Photography advice from nature photographer Nili Gafni

About Me

Nili Gafni - Nature & People PhotgrapherMy name is Nili Gafni, and I love photography. I believe a good photo should always start within you  – capture the special point of view you have on the things around you. I get excited by colors, textures and compositions and I love to express myself with my photos.

I use a Canon D50 with a few Canon lenses that I take with me wherever I go. Over the years while taking photos almost every day, I collected many techniques, methods and tidbits on what makes a good photo. I would like to share it with you by publishing one good photo a week, along with its story – what I was thinking when taking the photo, what made me select this particular composition, what worked and what didn’t work for me. I will talk about my equipment and show you you don’t have to own a super expensive camera and equipment to take really good photos. You are welcome to share the ride with me!